Oracle Startup Launches ML GRC

MyRISK® is an Australian data analytics company focused on cyber security, governance, risk and compliance. The MyRISK® cyber security GRC platform (now HyperGRC™), is part of the Oracle Start-up Program, and launching at the 2022 AISA Cyber Conference.

HyperGRC™ cyber security GRC is a unique governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform built in the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) environment, giving quick to market adoption of current and future machine learning innovations in cyber governance and risk management.

HyperGRC™ cyber security GRC uses machine learning and workflow to close service, third party and control knowledge gaps, quantify the risk, determine the most effective next steps to take, and help deliver them. The product has a distinctive data centric architecture hosted entirely inside Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) Technology.

David Vohradsky, a 30-year industry veteran and founder of MyRISK® said “as a cyber security professional myself, I saw a gap in the market that most cyber risk managers are using still using spreadsheets to aggregate detailed issues or test results, as well as quantifying the risk in dollar terms to present to the board”.

Digital businesses in highly competitive industries like telecommunications need to develop a large number of tactical systems to maintain competitiveness. They also need to retain large amounts of data for compliance and agility in customer onboarding and win-back. This means they are flying blind not having a clear picture of their key systems and the downstream systems where sensitive information is held. They also have a backlog of cyber security risk assessment work. HyperGRC™ cyber security GRC helps collate information about systems and prioritise the assessment work based on risk as well as automate the risk management processes through workflow. It then helps the CISO to measure the return on investment (ROI) for different control improvements as well as the risk buy down associated with their cyber security programs.

Vohradsky said “as well as an enterprise version we are also helping the small 1–10-person consulting companies with a half priced professional product with the same features so they can also get off spreadsheets”. Vohradsky continued “the other products on the market are aimed at managing enterprise risk or compliance and are not specifically geared to the needs of cyber professionals”.

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